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The Puzzle of puzzles: a Million puzzles in one

           The famous Rubik's Cube was sold in the amount of 100 million copies during just its first couple of years and is still being sold regularly 30 years after its first appearance. The Puzzle of puzzles can easily beat that.       

            All it needs is a sponsor. The manufacturer is standing by. Email us at thePuzzle@puzzleman.com  

    The total amount of shapes, The Puzzle of puzzles can turn into, is much bigger than a million. It's a huge number with 30 zeros, almost a google. Of course not all of the shapes are meaningful. Still, playing with The Puzzle of puzzles, you will never get bored, since there is no end to the line of striking solutions. Simple flat figures, 3D shapes, birds and animals, you name it. Even its short version sold as a key-chain, The Puzzle Junior has at least 20 attention-grabbing forms even though it's just 1/6 of the full puzzle.

    When one buys The Puzzle of puzzles, he/she actually gets an endless array of puzzles to assemble, very different by complexity and appearance. It can even seem to be changing colors, since some of the parts can be hidden inside of a given shape.

    There are four (at least) known high symmetry solutions for The Puzzle of puzzles, belonging to the cube symmetry group. The number of shapes with less strict symmetry reaches thousands.

    Even its inventor, Viktor Genel  cannot say for sure how many symmetry shapes can be created using The Puzzle of puzzles. That"s why he is willing to give out prizes, fabulous collectible wooden puzzles, for the best solutions to be found yet.

    The Puzzle of puzzles holds an unsurpassed educational value, making players familiar with geometry laws, The Puzzle of puzzles helps to develop spatial imagination and 3D thinking skills, which are so necessary in the modern world. The most intriguing question The Puzzle of puzzles will rise is this: why every part of it always falls into a right position relatively to other parts, no matter how complex and twisted the shape is. And the answer will bring the player closer to understanding the concept of space packing, used in chemistry and crystallography. 

    The Puzzle of puzzles is for everyone, it has several levels of difficulty. Beginners can create simple flat figures like triangles, squares, hexagons or octagons.  More advanced players will go for 3D shapes. And nobody gets frustrated, since an appropriate level of difficulty can be found for everyone.

    The Puzzle of puzzles has the very real potential of becoming a cultural phenomenon, which will allow it to be sold in hundreds of millions of copies.

    All it needs is a sponsor. The manufacturer is standing by. Email us at thePuzzle@puzzleman.com  


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You are entering the wonderful world of real 3D Puzzles...
This site represents the work and art of the independent designer and inventor Viktor Genel.
Most of his creations are Real Three Dimensional Puzzles.

Our Mission

Technical implementation of impossible objects is our main goal. 

Personal Profile

Viktor Genel is a Russian born inventor who has lived in America since 1990. Almost all of his creations are geometrical puzzles.
"I don't consider myself to be an inventor, I am more likely an explorer of the wonders of the Universe" - he says - "Puzzles are the best intersection of science and art".


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