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The Puzzle of all puzzles

Marketing summary. 

Marketing potential of The Puzzle of puzzles is enormous.  All it needs is a sponsor. The manufacturer is standing by. Email us at thePuzzle@puzzleman.com  

The famous Rubik's Cube was sold in the amount of 100 million copies during just its first couple of years and is still being sold regularly 30 years after its first appearance.

     The Eternity Puzzle by Sir Christopher Monckton was sold for 30-50 euros a piece. It had a very unique and exceptionally well designed marketing plan which offered a million euros prize for the first solution. This, on top of a brilliant design of the puzzle itself, allowed it to become an instant success and even though it was solved relatively soon, they reached their marketing goals. Sir Monckton recently stepped forward with a new Eternity Puzzle with a more advanced marketing plan which offers the prize after a certain time period. It's now on sale worldwide and the plan is working outstandingly wellThe success of the Eternity model is a living proof that a great marketing breakthrough still can be achieved with a suitable puzzle.

The Puzzle of puzzles possesses the best virtues of both worlds - it has an incredibly vast array of possible solutions allowing for even more advanced marketing model. Simple flat figures, 3D shapes, birds and animals, you name it. Nobody could count them all, but anybody can find an appropriate level of complexity. 

This distinguishing feature offers the flexibility to create an extraordinary marketing plan which will offer a series of prizes for solutions of varying complexity. As the public becomes increasingly familiar with The Puzzle of puzzles, we will gain the ability to roll this marketing approach indefinitely, changing levels of complexity. This will ensure marketability for years and years to come. Besides its scientific merits, The Puzzle of puzzles is also very entertaining and has a great visual appeal. There is a real way to achieve enormous popularity through vehicles like YouTube.com, using small incentives for different ways of solving The Puzzle of puzzles including but not limited to 'fastest' solutions, 'coolest' solutions, or just 'most viewed' solutions. 

The Puzzle of puzzles has the very real potential of becoming a cultural phenomenon, which will allow it to be sold in hundreds of millions of copies.
All it needs is a sponsor. The manufacturer is standing by. Email us at thePuzzle@puzzleman.com  

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