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If you would like to add a link, please let me know. 
I'll be glad to expand the PuzzLinks page. 

Email me at Links@puzzleman.com

This is the most informative web page devoted to  mechanical puzzles.

Jaap's Puzzle Page - Descriptions and solutions for many different types of Rubik's Cube puzzles including Square-One, Alexander's Star, Tricky Disky, Rubik's Magic and many more.

Interlocking Puzzles 
Wayne Daniel's site. He designs, makes and sells. One of the best places you can get very high quality wooden puzzles.

http://thinks.com/webguide/mechpuzzles.htm The  brain games, puzzles and pastime website.

http://www.calmplex.com This site is dedicated to checkerboard puzzles and games, puzzle boxes and much much more.

The site of Kadon Enterprises, Inc. For over 18 years producing polyform and combinatorial tiling sets as well as prize-winning strategy games, all of high quality workmanship. 

A good collection of genuine 3D wooden puzzles

Livewire Puzzles: Large selection of disentanglement puzzles


3D Russian Puzzles made by Nurica Innovations.

CoolPuzzles.com - The puzzles here really are cool! Check out this site
for fun Java games and a variety of cool puzzles.

The Nemmelgeb Murr Import Shop - wooden puzzles, puzzle artifacts, and a
puzzle club.
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