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...I will try to get all your new creations, because for me your puzzles may be
in the future what today are the Coffin puzzles. Therefore I want to get
as many as possible. Please keep me informed whenever a new creation of yours will be available.
                                            CARLO GITT 

...Your web site has an amazing variety of beautiful new puzzles. I would like to hear more about which ones are available for purchase and the prices. I am interested in purchasing many of your puzzles.
                                            Jerry Slocum

    Very interesting collection of puzzles many of them related to the regular polyhedra. For both mathematics as well as puzzle lovers the puzzles should be fantastic to explore!
Only question is: How to get them.
                                            Rik Brouwer

    I have bought several of Viktor Genel's puzzles, in fact all that he has made available. I think they are among the most original new geometric puzzle designs in many years. I especially like the ones with few pieces, that still pose challenges to most people. My favorites to date are the Quadrocube and the Kuball. I also like the Dodecon very much, though it is more difficult for non-experts.

    His Quadro-Inverto and Pulsar, both consisting of 4 pieces that can be joined in several different ways, are also very challenging puzzles. The Quadro-Inverto has four identical pieces, while the Pulsar has six identical pieces, but two pairs are glued together to make 4 dissimilar pieces, and a more interesting puzzle. Just to add a surprise, each comes with a small, hidden 2-piece puzzle inside.

    On his web page, he has many more designs that have not yet been made available. Some are interesting variations of puzzles he has already produced, which can be combined with them to make still more geometric forms. Others introduce more new ideas and puzzle types. I look forward to being able to obtain these in the future.
                                             Stan Isaacs

    The puzzles arrived safely this morning and they are great designs superbly made. Your packaging and 'customs' were excellent. Thank you very much. I must have all your puzzles.
                                            John Ergatoudis

I am astonished by your range and the obvious ingenuity of your puzzles and your web site is great.
                                            Richard Feltham

REALLY glad to have found this site (via NOBNET). Looking forward to obtaining LOTS of these beautiful looking and sounding puzzles.
                                            Laurie Brokenshire

Fantastic, such great collection of interlocking puzzles. It's really a pity that so few are available for sale !
                                            Frank Rehm

I like your puzzles very much.
                                            William Waite

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