QuadroPrizm QuadroStella QuadroCube Longed Beamed Star QuadroDode

a set of interchangeable puzzles

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 The QuadroCube, a first born is now available through an AfteRain Contest

  • This puzzle is a set of interchangeable parts with various forms of "beams".
  • Each of the star-like polyhedrons of the set is assembled from four identical parts.
  • The game consists of assembling parts in fours. Use of identical parts leads to ideal symmetrical forms and the use of different parts to interesting external effects.
    quad_sq_scr_tn.jpg (6273 bytes)
  • The number of combinations grows geometrically depending on the number of part types.
  • The puzzle was designed on the basis of high entertainment and has easy manufacturing qualities.
  • It uses the same idea of interchangeable parts like the Magic Crystals, but it's easier to assemble.
These Quad Squad puzzles are available:

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