Dodecon interlocking puzzle

dodecon_tn1.jpg (10680 bytes)    dodecon2_tn.gif (5959 bytes)     dodecon3_tn.gif (5829 bytes)

  • Surprisingly enough this perfect star dodecahedron is a three piece coordinate motion puzzle.
  • Precisely crafted by Wayne Daniel team it's a real piece of art.
  • To assemble it you have to place all three pieces into their outmost positions and then push them from all sides inward simultaneously.

images/dodecon1_open_tn.gif (2933 bytes)    dodecon2_open_tn.gif (5911 bytes)

  • It looks simple to assemble, but in fact it's not. The outmost positions are very far from the center and the pieces don't lie flat on the desk at the beginning. So you have to have three hands to start pushing them together.

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