Octo-Inverto   an inside-out puzzle

  • This one is a catcher. The puzzle consists of 8 identical parts. It can be assembled in two different ways:
  • Inside - a perfect rhombic dodecahedron.
  • Out - you can easily see a blue cube and yellow octahedron through peaces of the orange core.
octo_inv_compact_tn.jpg (2305 bytes) octo_inv_out1_tn.jpg (2591 bytes)     octo_inv_out2_tn.jpg (2484 bytes)
  • What you see below is not a third or fourth form of assembly. It's just parts lying together in groups:
octo_inv_ornament5_tn.jpg (2322 bytes) octo_inv_ornament6_tn.jpg (2711 bytes)

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