Quadro-Inverto   an inside-out puzzle

 quadro_inv_reg1_tn.jpg (2040 bytes)Regular

quadro_inv_chaos1_tn.jpg (1882 bytes)Chaotic

quadro_inv_stack_tn.jpg (1815 bytes) Stack
  • This puzzle is a champion. It's got only four parts, assembles in two different shapes: Regular and Chaotic.
  • Quadro-Inverto holds another puzzle inside. So it's sort of a Box Puzzle.
  • The parts are stackable - in case you don't have time to put it together, and the stack itself is an attractive sculpture.
 quadro_inv_reg2_tn.jpg (2454 bytes) quadro_inv_reg3_tn.jpg (1930 bytes)

quadro_inv_open_tn.jpg (2069 bytes)
  • Regular assembly - the puzzle looks smooth and has a hollow space inside which holds another puzzle - we used a famous two-piece pyramid.
  • Quadro-Inverto is a four-piece coordinate motion puzzle. To put it together you have to slide all four parts to the center simultaneously.
 quadro_inv_stacks_tn.jpg (2695 bytes)quadro_inv_duplet_tn.jpg (3239 bytes)
  • The puzzle can form several different stacks out of two or all four parts.
 quadro_inv_chaos1_tn.jpg (1882 bytes) quadro_inv_chaos2_tn.jpg (1701 bytes)
  • Chaotic assembly - It's completely solid - there is absolutely no empty room inside.

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