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Print this page, fill it out, and send it to: 

Genel Collection Corp
12 Cabot Street
Natick MA 01760

Official AfteRain® prize claim form.

Last name:       
First name:       
E-mail Address: 
Street Address1:  
Street Address2:
State, Zip:        
I solved  Tiny AfteRain® puzzle in moves
I solved  Small AfteRain® puzzle in moves
I solved  Normal AfteRain® puzzle in moves
I solved  Big AfteRain® puzzle in moves

Please Reimburse the price of the game      OR
          Send me the unlock key and register me for free.

I created a new figure called   
Please consider to include the figure in the AfteRain® Gallery, along with my name and photo.  
The symmetry rank of the figure is   
Please, send me my prize as outlined in the Contest Rules.
Please, send my QuadroCube!
Please, send my QuadroPrizm!
Please, send my Long Beamed Star!
I include all the required paths and my personal photo.

Signature:                                             Date:   
Print this page and send it along with your solution paths,
 and send all the required info separately.


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